Energetic Numerology

sandra-kleinNumerology is based on your birth date, the main events of your life and your development can be unfolded and explained.
This therapy is a unique way of exploring your blueprint in the digits of your birth date. It allows you to understand your life patterns.

Each number has a specific meaning, specific characteristics and vibrations connected to it that symbolize your talents, qualities and life mission.

These can provide insight into those areas in which you are stuck or maybe in the conflicts that you are experiencing.
When you understand the meaning of your own unique energetic combination you can become inspired to fully utilize your qualities and talents and get your life mission back on track.
Numerology can also be used to provide insight awareness on the area of your relationships. The combination of the birth dates of your partner and you creates a clear picture of the energies and powers used in the relationship. You become more aware of your growth opportunities and of the points you need to focus upon.