Regression therapy

sandra-kleinRegression therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps to tackle and solve your mental, emotional or physical problems.
Regression and reincarnation literally means 'going back in time'. You learn to understand the reason why you are experiencing the problems in the present by recognizing en releasing the emotions, thoughts and feelings involved. When you come to understand that your survival strategies are no longer needed, you can let go and start living conscious and be in your fullest potential.
Experience has shown that you don't need to ' believe in reincarnation ' to benefit from the therapy.

With Regression therapy you deal with problems that originated in your present life or in your past lives.
Problems can have their origin in recent experiences, experiences from years ago,for example as a teenager, toddler, baby to experiences during pregnancy, the time that you incarnated in this life and past lives.


You come in an earlier stage of life or past life by increasing your focus on your problem or symptom. It is a deeper form of consciousness, known as the elliptic consciousness.
The process is similar to when you are driving in your car while you are thinking intensively about something else thats on your mind. You give gas, pay attention and then suddenly you realize: "Hey, I'm here already?!" While yo stayed in the present , you accelerated,braked,changed gear, payed attention to the road but felt like you missed a part of the journey.