Working with children

sandra-kleinThe starting point when working with children is that every child is good as it is. Every child really wants a safe environment where they can grow up happy, healthy, relaxed in healthy relationship with parents, friends and authority figures.
When this fails I help the child to search for the cause.

With children in the age group 4-12 I practice creative and play therapy.
By creating a safe environment using transitional objects (such as playmobil, lego, finger puppets, books, baboesjka's, clay, drawing, painting etc depended on what the child is interested in) This provides a setting where the child can use their creative and problem solving abilities to gain insight into the situation.

With teenagers and adolescents I work with creative therapy, role play and talk sessions.
With both groups I go back to the origin of the problem.

Usually asking the right question at the right moment is what the child need to gain insight to the situation in order to deal with and change it.
Being aware of the fact that they no longer need to use their old strategies which were born from a traumatic experience in the past puts them back in control of their life.